Andrzej Nowicki

Andrzej is little known to the French public yet this breeder / transhipper of discus has reproduced Heckel, a video of his reproductions on YouTube will leave you speechless, but also discus Red Melon wonderfully.

He is the author of “Dyskowce paletki – Atlas Dyskowców” published in 2013.
Andrzej is an outstanding breeder since he has successfully reproduced, among others, Pterophyllum Scalare, Mikrogeophagus Ramirezi, Macropodus Opercularis, Rasbora, Trichogaster, Simian Livebearer and others.

The secret of his success lies in a proper diet for his guests: every day, he goes into the woods to collect live food in various ponds and lakes in his region where he harvests daphnia, copepods and shrimps … But beware, you have to be perfectionist to the extreme to trace a similar water Rio Negro with water Beskydy Lake Goczałkowice. the following values: pH up to 4.5, ideal pH 3.5, GH up to 3 KH up to a conductivity of 1.28 ° C, 50 Μs...

He was part of a cichlid club in the United States.

On Internet, he communicates on the site

With his experience as a judge in several European competitions, he will bring an enlightened vision of the Polish hobbyists.