Subject to his participation …. he is little known to the general public aquarist yet he is present in many competitions.

Tony Vaughan was born in Ireland and is 47 years old.

He is a great aficionado and discus professional.

His love and interest in these fish began in 1995. He has dedicated his life to Discus fish: he is a founding member of the UKDC (United Kingdom Discus Club).

He has participated as a judge in many and various discus competitions, for example:

  • UKDC (United Kingdom Discus Club) 2005
  • UKDC 2006
  • UKDC 2007
  • UKDC 2008 (Juge principal)
  • UKDC 2009
  • Nordic Discus Society 2009 (Stockholm)
  • Nordic Discus Society 2011 (Malmo)
  • Dutch Discus Championship 2011
  • Aqua Expo Tage Discus, Dortmund, 2012
  • Nordic Discus Society 2013 (Malmo)
  • Dutch Discus Championship 2013
  • Showfish Holland 2013, (Vianen, Pays-Bas)
  • Aqua Expo Tage Discus, Dormund, 2014
  • Nordic Discus Show 2014