The Organising Committee is composed of EDA club members.  It shall give all final decisions in event of dispute.

Each participant may enter a maximum of 2 Discus per category, and 4 discus per variety wild.

There are 9 categories and 1 breeding category. The Committee reserves the right to modify the number of categories in accordance with the entries, or to reclassify the fish to a more appropriate category.

The last entries will be registered according to available space and without guarantee.  Any registration accompanied by an incorrect payment will be refused.  Registration reimbursement will not be possible for cancellations received after Thursday 28th February 2019. Any costs incurred for reimbursements will be at the participant’s expense.

The presentation tanks will be identical, i.e. 60 x 40 x 35 cm. The tanks will all be equipped with identical equipment.

Water details: PH/6 to 7, Conductivity: 300 to 400 µs, temperature: 28 to 29°C.

The participants may acclimatise their discus from Thursday 28th March 2019 at 17:00 to Friday 29 March 2019 at 17:00.

The person welcoming the participants will have no contact with the judges.

The judges selected by the Committee will be well known in the discus world for their competence and knowledge of the fish.

No judge or member of its family may enter a discus in the competition.

The judges’ decisions shall be final.

The first three of each category, the best amateur  will be rewarded as well as the “Best in Show”.

An amateur prize will be awarded in every category

The wild category will be divised into 4 vareties: heckle, blue brown and green, alone the 1st every category can contribute for the classification in wild category.

A trophy will be put to every classified compétitor.

The Grigny town prize will be awarded by the visiting public.



The judges and the President will not be allowed access to the competition hall before 18:00, Friday 29th March 2019.

Rating shall be anonymous; the presentation tanks shall not bear any names or distinctive marks. The discus will be judged on Friday 29th March 2019, starting at 18:00 and decision –making will be on the following Saturday morning. Any sick fish, or fish presenting malformations, will be eliminated according to the jury’s decision.

Access to the competition hall will be prohibited during the judging.  No information shall be leaked before the annoucement of the results, planned for Saturday during the gala diner. The Grigny town prize, awarded by the visiting public, shall be announced on Sunday at 15:00.



The organisation members shall not handle any discus and shall not provide any assistance during the acclimatisation.  Only the owner, or his representative, shall have this responsibility.

The Committee cannot be held responsible for any death or disease occurring during the competition.

Any sick fish shall be isolated and will be excluded from the competition, according to the judges’ decision

The Committee cannot be held responsible for any theft, breakage or any other damage occurred during the competition.

The discus may be removed from the presentation tanks as from 16:00, Sunday 31th March.

Any fish that has not been removed after 19:00 on Sunday 31st March will become property of the EDA Club.